IPC-2581 Consortium at IPC-APEX EXPO 2016

At this year’s IPC-APEX EXPO, we saw a drastic shift on subject of IPC_2581 from “Why IPC-2581?” to “How can I leverage the format today across the supply chain?”. This was apparent with the questions we received after Gary Carter from Fujitsu delivered an exciting case study on how we realized a complete augmented utilization of IPC-2581 to drive a project from design to manufacturing, including assembly. There was sincere interest during the Design Forum on how to get started on using IPC-2581, and how to motivate more members of the supply chain to accelerate adoption. We also covered how IPC-2581 can be used to facilitate the documentation process, along with conducting upfront design validation before sign-off to manufacturing using simulation and analysis tools. With the new enhancements coming from the latest revision, along with new inputs, we are proving that IPC-2581 is a viable option to drive the manufacturing process. 

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