Still Using 1980s Formats for Design Data Handoff?

March 19, 2018

The IPC-2581 format was created in the early 2000s with the merger of two competing formats: ODB++ and GENCAM. The new format, the brainchild of the late Dieter Bergman, languished with no adoption until 2011, when a small group of companies created the IPC-2581 Consortium with the goal of getting this open, neutral and intelligent format adopted.


Today, the consortium consists of more than 90 corporate member companies with a single goal: migrate PCB design hand-off from an assortment of unintelligent photoplot data to a single, intelligent file. Members from all electronics industry segments—design, manufacturing and supply chain—have collaborated to create an open format that also supports stack-up data exchange between design houses and their fabrication partners.


Click here to read the complete article – – by Hemant Shah & Ed Acheson from IPC-2581 Consortium