IPC-2581 Free Viewers

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Downstream Viewer

DownStream Technologies Vu2581

In support of the advancement of the IPC-2581 File Format specification, DownStream Technologies created a free IPC File Viewer product. Vu2581 is an unlicensed freeware application designed for viewing IPC-2581 data files. Vu2581 will read any IPC-2581 File and offers more functionality than the traditional viewer application. Unique features include the ability to measure distances between objects, set colors and visibility for nets, pads, layers and so on. Set highlight colors for one or more components. Display Drills by size, layer depth, or technology.


Easylogix viewer

EasyLogix PCB-Investigator IPC-2581

The import of IPC-2581 data in PCB-investigator is allowing a quick implementation of IPC-2581 data format in your process. Get a closer look how PCB information included within IPC-2581 can improve your development and supply chain.



DFM Now! IPC-2581

DFM Now! for IPC-2581 is an easy to use application which provides everyone the ability to view and verify their IPC-2581 files. It can also perform basic DFM Checks, measure, print, markup, view stackup, and includes realistic PCB preview.

DFM Now for IPC-2581 is provided at no cost, and runs on both Windows and Linux platforms


Wise Viewer

 WISE 2581 Viewer

Visualize - Set Visibility and Color of Layers, Pads, Traces, Drills and Nets

Inspect – Use hierarchical data Navigator, interactive inspection tools and usage reports

Measure – Point to Point, Edge to Edge, Center to Center

Markup – Annotate with Mark-up Text to easily communicate issues/instructions

Print – To any standard Windows printer device

Save - To a compact WISE database for further inspection