IPC-2581 Support

IPC-2581 Technical Committee

The IPC-2581 Consortium Technical Committee members is a team of about 50 representatives from various segments within the PCB Design and Fabrication Community. The community is made up of design centers, CAD tool developers, CAM tool developers, analysis tool developers and manufacturing representatives involved in the design and manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards.

As a team, we assist each other in interpreting the details in the standard for adoption, implementation and verification. We research, discuss, and identify the details of current and emerging technologies to recommend as data elements and design intent from the Design to Fabrication, to Assembly, to Test, creating a complete final product. We share what we can of our processes to help educate each other to understand the entire scope of IPC-2581’s capabilities to ensure attain as much of those capabilities as realistically possible.

As a team, the Technical committee comes to faster resolution of issues and agreement on enhancements for recommendation to the IPC 2-16 Laminar Sub-committee for implementation and adoption into the IPC-2581 Specification.

Ed Acheson, Cadence Design Systems
Chairman, IPC-2581 Consortium Technical Committee

IPC-2581 Support Matrix