IPC-2581 Consortium at PCB East April 12th, 2022 – See How IPC-2581 Enables Smart & Secure Design And Manufacturing 4.0 Data Exchange

March 29, 2022

IPC-2581 Consortium will be exhibiting (booth #17) at PCB East 2022 on April 12th, 2022, at PCB East 2022 at the Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel & Trade Center (181 Boston Post Road West, Marlborough, MA 01752). Entry to exhibit hall is free. Click here to register

Visit members of the IPC-2581 consortium at Booth #17 to:

  • Learn about the direct and immediate benefits of building boards more efficiently and quickly using the single IPC-2581 file as compared to creating multiple arbitrary datasets that require reverse engineering in manufacturing.
  • Find out how using IPC-2581 protects your design IP from getting tampered with, or worse, stolen and reused.
  • Talk to the experts at the booth about what’s new with IPC-2581 standard, its usage on the factory floor and what new ideas are being developed by the consortium members.

Last year, the consortium celebrated the 10th Anniversary of collaboration, partnership and innovation within the PCB design and supply chain industry. IPC-2581 is completely tool and solution agnostic, being the only open, global, intelligent, bi-directional standard for collaboration and interoperability between the design house with manufacturing partners.

Last year also saw several design houses migrating to IPC-2581 from Gerber based hand-off packages to intelligent, efficient, and open IPC-2581 single file-based design data exchange between design house and manufacturing houses.


At PCB West 2021 (October), the IPC-2581 Consortium presented a paper and a workshop at PCB West, which focused on secure design data exchange between the design house and its manufacturing partners. Two fundamental issues of PCB design have remained unresolved for too long. Firstly, there is the issue of the security of design data as it is passed to manufacturing, where there have been instances of tampering, with the intent to introduce vulnerabilities into products. Secondly, as the technology of inspection and testing of assembled PCBs evolves, detailed design data is needed to facilitate advanced functionality in automated manufacturing processes, as well as reduce the programming and preparation time. For the first time, both issues are being addressed in one solution, with a combination of standards from IPC, creating the full-digital secure design and manufacturing data exchange.

In the paper presentation, we discussed issues around design data management and security, with a focus on how design data, in the form of IPC-2581 (DPMX), is transferred from design, securely across the internet, directly into manufacturing, using IPC-CFX. Once processed by digital manufacturing engineering tools to resolve production BOM and line assignments, the same IPC-2581 file is sent directly to the machines, together with work-instructions ready for advanced program optimization by the machine vendor in the minimum time. We also look at the reverse flow for DFx, using the same secure mechanism, that allows designers to understand the potential for design improvement based on actual manufacturing capabilities.

Visit us at Booth #17 to discuss all of these issues, and get on the path towards Smart & Secure Industry 4.0 data exchange between design and manufacturing,

Entry to exhibits is free, click here to register

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