IPC-2581 Consortium at PCB West 2021 – Be Smart & Secure With Your Designs!

September 28, 2021






IPC-2581 Consortium will be at PCB West 2021 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Stop by booth #412 on Wednesday October 6th to talk to experts about how IPC-2581 is being used by design houses and their manufacturing partners to streamline the Smart hand-off process to manufacturing partners.

Ask us about what’s new in the latest revision (rev C) of IPC-2581, and how working with IPC-2591 Connected Factory Exchange (CFX) can provide a secure mechanism for design data exchange.

Attend these presentations at the show focused on IPC-2581 to learn even more:

Wednesday October 6th 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (FREE session)

F3: Secure Data Exchange Between Design and Manufacturing

Speakers: Michael Ford, Aegis Software, Hemant Shah, IPC-2581 Consortium, and Ivan Aduna, Koh Young Inspection Machines

Two fundamental issues of PCB design have remained unresolved for too long. First is the issue of the security of design data as they are passed to manufacturing, where there have been instances of tampering with the intent to steal IP and introduce vulnerabilities into products. Second, is the opportunity to utilize design data in Smart manufacturing automation directly. As the technology of inspection and testing of assembled PCBs evolves, detailed design data are needed to facilitate advanced functionality, as well as reduce the programming and preparation time for production.

For the first time, both issues are addressed in one solution, with the combination of standards from IPC. In this presentation, we look at the issues around design data management and security, with a focus on how design data, in the form of IPC-2581 (DPMX), are transferred from design, securely across the internet, directly into manufacturing, using IPC-CFX.

Who should attend:  PCB Designer/Design Engineer, SI Engineer, Test Engineer, Fabricator Engineer/Operator, Assembly Engineer/Operator, CEO/COO/Sales/Marketing

Thursday October 7th 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

26: IPC-DPMX’s Bi-directional electronically executable DFM exchange accelerates NPI

Speakers: Terry Hoffman (Cisco Systems), Robert Miklosey (Aegis), Ed Acheson (Cadence), Stan Keightley (Wise Software), Dana Korf (Korf Consultancy), and Hemant Shah, IPC-2581 Consortium

Digital Product Model Exchange (a new name for Generic Requirement for Printed Board Assembly Product Manufacturing Description Data and Transfer Methodology) introduces new features, automation supporting Industry 4.0, and bidirectional DfX intelligence capability that eliminates the back and forth between designers and manufacturers before production begins. Revision C includes the bidirectional DfX data exchange through which feedback between design and manufacturing is conveyed and tracked before manufacturing begins. IPC-2581C is also a major component of the digital twin architecture and strategy, setting the standard for interoperability between different digital twin solutions, bringing maximum value from data.

This two-hour workshop will provide a brief overview of IPC-2581, particularly revision C; how to generate IPC-2581 files from PCB design software; various function modes supported by IPC-2581; what’s new in revision C at a “high level”; and the benefits to designers and manufacturers.

Who should attend: PCB Designer/Design Engineer, Test Engineer, Fabricator Engineer/Operator, Assembly Engineer/Operator