Koh Young joins IPC-2581 Consortium

October 28, 2020

Koh Young, measurement-based inspection solutions provider, joined the IPC-2581 Consortium this week to support the adoption and use of IPC-2581 (DPMX) for design data transfer to machines on factory floor to improve efficiency and reduce costs for electronics manufacturers. Using IPC-DPMX (IPC-2581) with IPC-CFX will deliver engineering (design) data directly to machines to streamline the process and enable smart factory automation.

“Koh Young are leaders in the integration of data exchange with IIoT-driven MES solutions and other machine technologies within the SMT line, satisfying their customers’ needs through interoperable and holistic smart factory solutions,” states Michael Ford, Senior Director of Emerging Industry Strategy at Aegis Software. “Using the 100% machine-automation readable DPMX design file, together with the contextualization of work-assignment and schedule, deliverable using CFX from the Digital Manufacturing Engineering (DME) component of MES, allows Koh Young the opportunity to feed-back manufacturing intelligence to design in the same format that strongly augments design for manufacturing activity, decreasing lead-times and costs, as well as improving end-product quality and reliability,” he concluded.

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